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Opening day! The event was wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone who came out for it! For any who missed the opening, I will be in and out of the gallery until the end of the week, and the exhibit runs through May 15.

This little gem of a sketch is by Rosa Bonheur, an art history book stalwart if ever there was one. My ancient copies of Gardner’s Art through the Ages, or Janson’s History of Art seemed to have exactly two women artists before 1970: Artemisia Gentileschi and Rosa Bonheur. I’m sure there were perhaps one or [...]


A sketch, with marks scrawled and scratched onto it, is a small act of bravery. Ink shows us thoughts, not things. When I look at a drawing, and follow its lines, I see straight through history and culture. We read drawing as easily as we do writing, and it can expose an artist’s mind. It’s [...]

I have traveled 5,537 miles in 60 days, birded 6 states, seen 289 trip species, gotten 8 lifers, and have met and seen an unquantifiable number of amazing people. Happy New Year!!!