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The weather yesterday was incredible, and Central Park was mobbed with people. I had to push through tourists at Strawberry Fields and fight my way over the Bow Bridge, but once in the wooded Ramble it was a little more manageable, and I looked for birds. It is amazing how much you can see there, [...]

1975 cadillac, princeton, nj There are some things to be found on the campus of Princeton University. For one, the Spring peepers are calling like crazy. There are also birds, and a bird sanctuary. There are overabundant, overly complacent deer, everywhere. There are parties in faculty houses that somehow meld astrophysicists with sleight-of-hand magicians and [...]

stuffed chipmunk, ny, ny This is the newest addition to my collection of all that is sick and wrong. OK, well, it has set the bar a little higher than the assortment of bones and skulls I already have, and therefore might actually be the FIRST addition to a collection of that which is sick [...]

american coot, bolsa chica refuge, huntington beach, ca I don’t know what has been spurring my avian foot fetish, but man, these are some cool feets. I was walking the far corners of Bolsa Chica and I startled a small group of coots, coming around a path bend, and most of them scuttled across without [...]