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I have traveled 5,537 miles in 60 days, birded 6 states, seen 289 trip species, gotten 8 lifers, and have met and seen an unquantifiable number of amazing people. Happy New Year!!!

To everyone, old friends and new, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude that I have had such rare opportunities to know you and be a part of your lives.

In a field guide, a pattern on a bird has a name and an easily understood concept – a stripe, for instance. In a photo, a pattern on a bird appears as a shape, or a group of shapes, with varying levels of focus but also occurring in a frozen, monocular space. On a bird [...]

Abruptly, about nine months ago, I no longer wanted to rely on the distilled information in my reference photos or field guides; as an artist and as a birder, I wanted to try and understand birds more thoroughly. If possible, I wanted to look at them in both a more in-depth manner and in a [...]