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Category: Central Park

The temperature has dropped, seemingly all at once and surprisingly, though in actuality it has been creeping downward rather steadily. I, too, am crawling out of this season, counting days as the hours shorten and bird migration slows, meandering when I might prefer to be beelining. Enough of slow changes and floating between seasons. I [...]

A wise person does not walk around Central Park barefoot, it is just not safe. There are things in the grass that might pinch you. Like crayfish??? I first realized there are crayfish in the park by watching a Hooded Merganser on the reservoir wolf one down, as voraciously as one might wolf something down [...]

On Tuesday, September 29th, NYC Audubon is hosting their Fall Roost gala and auction at the Central Park Boathouse (home of great martinis on the veranda and terrible burgers on the back patio), and yours truly has humbly created a drawing just for this event. This has been fulfilling (in ways other than financial) for [...]