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See? I am posting again. A little study for a painting I am working on. Ink and watercolor on gray paper.

One pupil dilated more than the other = cool. This looks a little like how I feel after a weekend of birding the Salton Sea, CA, in 100┬║F+ temps.

On July 23, I was on a boat. I like boats. I particularly like the kinds of birds you see while on boats. I also particularly like the kinds of birders who like being on boats and who like the kinds of birds you see while on boats (recently mentioned exceptions notwithstanding). This particular boat [...]

Since May 26, I have travelled 8,037 miles, and both my car (a 2000 Subaru, affectionately titled the Lesburu) and my person are showing signs of exhaustion. I broke down in North Carolina, the car broke down in North Dakota. I got myself back together, and the car begrudgingly hauled me to California, grinding and [...]