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Still alive here, if a bit reclusive. Here are a few quick sketches I did in preparation for a Super Cool Gig that I have just (pretty much) wrapped up. I’m doing a heckofalotta work at the moment, but none of it appropriate for public displays – yet!


I am going back to Costa Rica. It’s a bit of a long story. I thought I would post a few more pages out of my Costa Rica sketchbook now, before it gets hopelessly behind. I am hoping that on this trip, which involves family, that I will have a few hours a day to [...]


A few pages of drawings and notes…


And she’s off! I’m headed to Costa Rica tonight, to meet my friend Andrew and to go look for a few tasty birds. I need to make drawings and get reference photos for a certain project, and he is co-authoring what looks to be a phenomenal new book… so be assured that this is a [...]