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Traversing the country, drawing lines of a sort and making scrawls on a geography vast enough to spur both awe and despair, I have been keeping lists. This is a Big Year. It is not a year in which I am trying to break records for numbers of bird species seen, as that would be [...]

I have been moving around quite a bit, and I have stories to tell, but I need a little time to tell them. So for now, I give you a drawing of Brian Patteson’s cat Tiger. Brian runs the pelagic trips I took in NC (with the most excellent Kate Sutherland), and in my off [...]

This little gem of a sketch is by Rosa Bonheur, an art history book stalwart if ever there was one. My ancient copies of Gardner’s Art through the Ages, or Janson’s History of Art seemed to have exactly two women artists before 1970: Artemisia Gentileschi and Rosa Bonheur. I’m sure there were perhaps one or [...]

Halloween! Scratchboard, details of 8 x 11″ sheet