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Lark Sparrows

Perhaps I should update my blog. This is a warm up, while I get used to the idea of doing this regularly again. Theoretically it should get better as I go along.

December, 2010: I think I was in a state of shock when I reached Arizona. I had been on the road for two months, all of my belongings given away or in storage, all of my goodbyes said. In those two months, there had been a residency to plan an exhibit at Mass Audubon, a bird festival in south Texas and a family visit in central Texas, followed with an amazing introduction to New Mexico by someone I now call a lifelong friend. In December, though, as I drove into Arizona, all planning or scheduling ceased, and my life eased into one of semi concrete goals and vaguer ideas. By this I mean that I wanted to look for sparrows. For the month of December, but also for the rest of my life. I won’t go into the underlying panic that this entailed.

Patagonia, AZ

The avian jewels of the Arizona spring and summer were long gone, desirable birds all of them and some not found anywhere else in the United States, but those were the birds of years past. My years of twitchiness and multiple visits and efficient itineraries and checklists and always with the counting and the ticking and the collecting – well, those were something else. I wanted something different.

Lark Sparrows

Sparrows are the perfect bird when you are poor, or depressed, or both. They don’t require extensive or expensive travel plans. All you need is a little suitable habitat and your bins. There is nothing sexy in looking for drab little brown birds, it is a challenge with only humble rewards. No glory, no fame, no economic gain. Hidden treasures. Perfect.


Still alive here, if a bit reclusive. Here are a few quick sketches I did in preparation for a Super Cool Gig that I have just (pretty much) wrapped up. I’m doing a heckofalotta work at the moment, but none of it appropriate for public displays – yet!


I am going back to Costa Rica. It’s a bit of a long story. I thought I would post a few more pages out of my Costa Rica sketchbook now, before it gets hopelessly behind. I am hoping that on this trip, which involves family, that I will have a few hours a day to sit and paint. Hard birding and sitting and painting do not always mesh – my last three trips to Central America have been devoted to birding, and pretty much only birding. Twelve or more hours a day birding. A lot of birding. Insert smiley face.


Hey! Things are a little skeletal in my new theme here, but it is up and running. For blog subscribers: there is a new URL for the blog – use this link in your feeder to get updates from just the blog – Birdspot blog.

If you want updates from the whole site, then keep your subscription set to the original URL (please note that for the next two weeks, as I upload portfolio pieces, these will show up as posts in your feed): Birdspot site.

Thanks for your patience while I build the site!