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Still alive here, if a bit reclusive. Here are a few quick sketches I did in preparation for a Super Cool Gig that I have just (pretty much) wrapped up. I’m doing a heckofalotta work at the moment, but none of it appropriate for public displays – yet!

8 Responses to “Sketches”

  1. Great sketches Catherine

  2. Catherine yet again showing your immense talent :-) Just love the ospreys.

  3. Loving your drawing style, the hawks are my favorite! Looking forward to hearing the good news with all of your projects!!!

  4. Great sketches, Catherine. I love your art.

  5. I second Alina – your drawing style is great. I’m new to your blog so please forgive if you’ve explained this elsewhere but are you using watercolor on pen (or graphite)? The colors are wonderful.

  6. Hi Gabrielle – in these sketches I used a black ink pen and added in a few watercolor washes. I often work in watercolor and ink, or a combination of the two, I hope this answers your question! Thank you for the comments, everyone.

  7. Wow. love the hatchwork style. :)

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