Birdspot. On the road. Drawing birds.

A few pages of drawings and notes…

17 Responses to “Costa Rica sketchbook”

  1. Incredibly lovely work Catherine. I’m always so delighted to see your drawings and paintings. Thanks for sharing.1 xoxox

  2. The Moths are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE MOTHS!!!!!!!

  3. The sketchbooks are lovely. What a delightful way to capture memories–
    from the trout to the bird lists to the look of the fauna to the cost of the Esquinas resort. You have the added bonus of three forms of experience–the actual experience you had, the experience as you saw it when you captured it in the sketchbook, and the memories you have of the experience.
    Someplace where the three mingle together is the story, and the story is, in a way, a fourth way to experience, open to the reader as well.

  4. Catherine is still the most incredible artist. I will treasure her painting always.

  5. Catherine, If you come to New Mexico (Albuquerque), I’d love to have you teach a workshop (if you’d like to!) at my store, The Fat Finch. I love your work and talent. Roberta

  6. Catherine, These are beautiful!! You should do a book like The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden. That book is beautiful but your drawings are more beautiful and more detailed. Keep them up. Fabulous!

  7. Catherine, beautiful sketches of the wildlife in Costa Rica. I love seeing your work. I’ve always admired this idea of sketching in the field as a way to keep notes. You do this so well, I really appreciate your talent and the fact that you share it with us all. Thanks

  8. *love love love love love love love*

  9. inspirational work

  10. Beautiful!!! Lovely memories on paper … thank you so much for sharing these with us!!!

  11. Wow! Your sketches are amazing!

  12. I was in Cathy Johnson’s newsletter and opened the link to your journal – Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Stunning work. Truly.

    I came across a link to your website in an article I just read by Olivia Gentile (on Medium) called *A Feminist Revolution in Birding* and I am so glad I did!

    Do you have a subscribe feature on this blog? I do not see it and would love to get emails about new posts.


  14. Incredible images from the field of one of my favorite places on Earth.
    I long to return to our field station and have time to take notes and photos and maybe even sketch a bit.

  15. Thank you Diane! I am right with you. I can’t wait to get back into the field again. Best wishes for a Happy and safe and well New Year!

  16. Thank you Bernice! With a little luck, I will be updating this site soon. I post regularly on Facebook, as well, where you can find me under my full name. Happy New Year!

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