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And she’s off! I’m headed to Costa Rica tonight, to meet my friend Andrew and to go look for a few tasty birds. I need to make drawings and get reference photos for a certain project, and he is co-authoring what looks to be a phenomenal new book… so be assured that this is a very serious work trip (insert a winky here, I hate how emoticons look in print so I will refrain). I’ll try to post photos and sketches as I go along; no promises on internet access as I get massages and eat myself stupid at lodges I mean spend 16 hours a day scouring the rain forest. These trips are usually pretty grueling, in reality. More winks, and smiley faces.

2 Responses to “Pura Vida (Nueva)”

  1. Have a lovely trip! xixix

  2. Buen viaje! Look forward to seeing the photos and sketches. But do remember to eat sometimes… rh (agree re emoticons. Same with multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!)

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