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Archive: 2011

With some (amazing) support and a little bit of luck, in a week I will begin my last big push across the country and back. From mid-September through to November 1, I will transect as much of the fall bird migration as I can, making a beeline across the middle of our country to maximize [...]

On a serious note, I need to scrape up some change to get my rear back to the East Coast for fall migration, so for a limited time I will be offering T-shirts and mugs of selected drawings. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

One pupil dilated more than the other = cool. This looks a little like how I feel after a weekend of birding the Salton Sea, CA, in 100┬║F+ temps.

On July 23, I was on a boat. I like boats. I particularly like the kinds of birds you see while on boats. I also particularly like the kinds of birders who like being on boats and who like the kinds of birds you see while on boats (recently mentioned exceptions notwithstanding). This particular boat [...]