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I am happy to announce that I will do a live interview with Bird Calls Radio tomorrow, Saturday Oct 22, at 3pm EST. You can listen on air or via the internet, and we will be taking phone calls (be nice!) if you are interested. Link: Bird Calls Radio

A quick update: through car repairs in four states, and another long haul across the country, I am now in Connecticut! I surpassed my mini goal of seeing 500 species in the lower 48, and am now on the final stretch of the year. My year list stands at 907, 525 for ABA North America. Much more importantly – the numbers were not my goals – the knowledge I have gained from spending 11 months (not done yet!) in the field, and the people I have met from all facets of the avian/human world, have truly inspired me beyond expectation. Thanks to Towny Dickinson for the portrait photo.

Once I settle down, I will start telling stories… please be patient with me! I keep my facebook page updated with photos on the fly, so to speak, so have a meander over there: in the interim. Drawings soon, I promise.

2 Responses to “Radio Interview!”

  1. Thanks for giving us a heads-up on your interview – I loved it! I know facebook is the hotspot for social networking but I hope you’ll continue to throw us Googleites an occasional crumb, like you did with your recent camera purchase. ;)

  2. I heard you on the radio interview. It was fun listening to someone I’ve met in person! I’m glad to have found out about this internet radio program at the field trip.

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