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With some (amazing) support and a little bit of luck, in a week I will begin my last big push across the country and back. From mid-September through to November 1, I will transect as much of the fall bird migration as I can, making a beeline across the middle of our country to maximize a few previously missed opportunities (e.g. the Rocky Mountains), then hopefully experience some of my first-ever Midwest shorebird migration, and then lastly wind my way up the East Coast: Cape May, then onto NYC and New England. I forewent (is that a legitimate word?) Spring migration in order to bird Belize and Costa Rica (tiny fiddles of sympathy, I know), and this hurt my year totals for the ABA Lower 48 from a Big Year standpoint. However, as I repeat over and over, I am doing a different sort of Big Year: one with fewer borders, one in which I am trying to learn about birds on a deeper level, one in which I am trying to make drawings as I go along. My goals have been pretty steady this year: I have seen 492 species in the lower 48 states, and 875 in the “world”; I would like to blow past 500 ABA for the year. I suppose this proves that I have not entirely succeeded in killing off my inner obsessive lister!

Image: Snowy Plover sketches

7 Responses to “T minus 7 Days”

  1. Good luck! May you find the birds and they find you! Safe travels. Hope to see you in CT.

  2. Good luck with the remainder of your schedule.

  3. Good luck! If you need some help getting to good birding (and not so well known areas) in Costa Rica, I’ll more than willing to share info.

  4. Great. Get in touch as you near the mid-Atlantic coast if you’d like to do some birding.

  5. New here, sent by way of Dawn Fine. Love the drawings. Good luck with your goal. I have no plans to leave the USA, but I do my part to be an obsessive eBird Lister here! However, you have me beat on every front! Kudos!

  6. Hi Catherine,
    I really like your drawings. It was nice to meet you at the Peter Pyle Talk at Audubon Greenwich!

  7. Wonderful blog and truely fascinating artwork. Thanks for sharing.

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