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East Coast, West Coast. The other night I fell asleep to a Western Screech-Owl calling softly out my window. Today I am sketching an Eastern Screech-Owl. I drew a Western Screech a couple of years ago in ink. I couldn’t work in color then. Now, in my new invisible girl state, a person without a home and one rapidly losing an identity, I throw colors around on a screen. Subtle colors, in this case. Where on earth will I settle into at the end of this year? Have you ever been without a definite plan, cut loose?

Above: Eastern Screech-Owl, digital sketch.
Below: Western Screech-Owl, ink on paper.

7 Responses to “Screech-Owl”

  1. I hope when you find your direction, home and identity it includes sharing your sketches with us.

  2. CH, these two drawings are amazing together. Don’t give up. xx

  3. Gorgeous artwork, but then what else would I expect? Always love seeing your work!

  4. That Western Screech-Owl [swoons]. Thanks so much for sharing your art and commentary with us!

  5. new reader; here via the bourbon/bastards/birds guy’s blog. this will be fun, reading your blog.

    completely random question/comment: so far, 2 for 2, the URL’s to hyperlinks in your posts point to drug advertisements. hm. was that your intention?

  6. (what happened to my “h”? how did I typo my own name? it’s sarah with an h!)

  7. Hi Sarah – I was hacked today, and you happened upon my blog about a minute after it happened! Weirdnesses are resolved, I think, at least for the moment. Thanks for the heads up!

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