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Since May 26, I have travelled 8,037 miles, and both my car (a 2000 Subaru, affectionately titled the Lesburu) and my person are showing signs of exhaustion. I broke down in North Carolina, the car broke down in North Dakota. I got myself back together, and the car begrudgingly hauled me to California, grinding and rattling the whole way. It now sits resting in a driveway. The resting is doing me a world of good, but nothing really for the car, which needs a host of repairs. Fingers crossed on the total. There are no Dairy Queens here (I had fantasies of getting stuck for months in North Dakota and working at one).

In other news, I am collating my lists (numbers, everywhere!) of birds I have seen during the year. It’s a little insane, and I’ll post my progress on Monday. I did not set out to do a big year in terms of bird listing, but now I’m feeling twitchy and wondering if I can clean up certain North American species before the end of 2011. In other other news, I am doing a lot of sketching, and making up some postcards from my journeys.

Above: sketches of California Quail, who entertained me with their daily rounds, parading in front of the window while I was holed up working in NoCal.

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  1. Hey Catherine,

    Beautiful work. Making a note. Always enjoyed the “sight” specificity of the process. Still wishing I could look at one without wishing for one. Let me know if we could achieve a peace/piece process. I think an exchange could be in the offing. Are you at all interested? Let me know.

    Hope all is well and you have found your guiding lights.

    Best, without spirits of the kind that alter,


  2. Catherine,
    Having lunch with Jay today, so I was thinking of you! I will pass on your adventures to him. The quail are stunning….the food pic reminded me of many nights of ramen in a hot pot while crossing country.

    We miss you in RI!


  3. i really love the sketches you do. maybe we can cross paths on our big year quests and you can sketch one on me (the best bird i have this year, maybe) and then, i’ll get it tattooed on.

  4. I’ll do it for you Paul. I love birds and I have done a few homemade tattoos in my time!

  5. Hi Catherine, Love the quail sketches! Hope you are hanging in there. Good thoughts coming your way.

  6. Geez Catherine! Stop it will you!? I draw birds all day every day for a living and every time I see the way you do feet I damn near lose hope that I’ll ever master it!
    The quality of your linework is outstanding and just looks so effortless! The raised foot on the right hand bird is a perfect example, you didn’t miss the way it relaxes between strides before splaying to meet the ground like the other… I think birds feet are wonderfully graceful and I love drawing them, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the facility you have!

    Ah well, back to the drawing board…literally! Thanks for posting these, I just love ‘em! Maybe a trade some day? Good luck with your quest, enjoy the ride!

  7. Thank you Michael – let’s do a trade sometime!

  8. Catherine, Keep it up! Love your sketches.

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