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No, not storm petrels in Ohio, I am in Ohio, somewhere, in a dingy motel with craptastic internet that keeps cutting out on me and, apparently, a train track outside my window. I should have just slept in the car tonight. I am drawing storm petrels, and thinking of the sea. With a constant video of an eternally unwinding road seared into my vision, the rocking of a boat is easy to imagine. Even my quietest moments are afflicted with movement. Only a week ago, I was on a boat for twelve hours a day, for most of a week. I am on my way to North Dakota. After that, I am not sure what I am doing.

Wilson’s Storm Petrels, digital sketch.

3 Responses to “Storm Petrels, and Ohio”

  1. Hey Catherine,

    If you’re looking for something to do after ND, we don’t do dingy, we have reliable Wi-Fi, very little train traffic, and I have a banjo that’s begging to be played by someone who knows what they’re doing. I also have a friend who’s a much better birder than I who I’m sure would love to meet you. Tempting? ;)


  2. Sounds like road fatigue to me. Perhaps you need some quiet time in NM, although you might want to wait until it stops burning to a crisp. The storm petrels are beautiful. Hope you fine yourself in a prettier place soon. xoxox

  3. Much prefer the petrels to the blackburnian warblers as an expression of the possiblilities of digital.
    Beautiful stuff as always.

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