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Back in November, I stood at the Rio Grande and wished that I had the freedom to cross it. Twitching after birds such as Rufous-backed Robin, and watching Common Pauraques and Olive Sparrows, I felt the inevitable pull of subtropical and tropical climes, where one could watch new birds in their own habitats.

This February, when the opportunity arose to join a group of researchers and authors in Belize, I jumped at it – Bot Flies, Leishmaniasis, and checkbook be damned. Twelve straight days of sixteen hour days in the field? Bring it on!

Three Sketches of a Grey-necked Wood-Rail, watercolor on paper. A fairly common resident at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, this was the first bird I photographed on my first morning in Belize. It was skirting the mangrove edges as we motored out into the lagoon.

5 Responses to “Grey-necked Wood-Rail”

  1. The lush colors! beautiful! Love their tall legs.

  2. Superb as always

  3. Wonderful! It was a privilege to have a chance to bird with you (thanks for spotting so many cryptic birds!) and even more so to see our sightings translated into art of this quality.

  4. Thank you John! It was a privilege to bird with you as well. Where to next? And I have bees on the brain right now…

  5. Love these. ESP. The loosest of the three. I like it when someone can really capture form with so very little.

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