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As I settle back into procrastinating er working, I thought I would play around with a few photos, in addition to planning my next two trips, and getting some drawing done, really! One thing I have rarely experienced: getting back from a vacation. It’s hard to know what that is like if you are self employed. It’s the same with weekends, and Mondays – huh? What’s a weekend? From the outside, this year looks like I’m gamboling around the planet. On the inside, I have never worked harder, except for the last two weeks, and now I pay, I pay.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikins are not endemic to French Polynesia, they are invasive. It is a little sad that my first mannikin is a trash bird, but they are pretty, and I always like a bird swiveling its head.

What is next? The Bay Area of California, including the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, and perhaps a twitch or two. That’s next week. And then, the week after, I am (sorry for this but omg) going to Belize, with a few other birders, on an itinerary to make one’s head spin. I’m not sure what the internet scenario will be, so I’ll write a little ahead of time, and then catch up when I return.

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  1. Belize will be so much fun! We went there (my goodness it must be) 20 years ago. We snorkeled rather than birded, but saw lots of wildlife on land as well. We found everything fascinating.

    I’ll bet the birding will be great. It’s great, too, that you’re getting to see such interesting places. It’s great to work hard on something you care about, no matter if others see only the gambol.

    I’d love to bird a rich birding site like inland Belize (the only tropical setting I’ve done so far is Costa Rica), but some days I feel I’m still learning our north Texas birds, and have a ways to go before I’m ready for Belize :) . My bird list would be much simpler than yours, for want of skill.

    I hope you get lots of lifers.

  2. Hi Catherine, We live in Norwood,MA, the next town over from the MA Audubon’s Art Center in Canton. We appreciated very much your presentation on display and the melding of your work with our pioneers in appreciating and valuing our birds. Your sketches conveyed your love for them. It was also pleasing to see your “lists” displayed as a habit we relate to. In recording our sightings it is as if it makes it in a way more a lot of kinds of writing perhaps. Thank you again….

  3. Thank you for the comments! My apologies for the delays in moderating – I have had no access to internet for weeks.

    It makes me truly happy to hear that you enjoyed the exhibit, and even further it is deeply gratifying to hear that you could relate to the sketches and lists, and understood the connection between the work that has gone before us and work we do now. Putting that show together gave me a new appreciation for the art form of an exhibit as a whole, and was an experience I will always treasure.

    Best regards,

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