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Caracaras flying over Rt. 77, as Texas oaks begin to change over to mesquite. #RGVBF I’m getting closer!


Sadly, vehicular massacre of Lepidopteran beings has begun.


Palm trees baby! So excited to be in Harlingen that I’m trembling! [might be the 32oz iced tea I drank]


This is so gonna be my FB profile pic for a while. [at the wickedly fun RGVBF opening reception]


Ruddy Ground Dove at Estero Llano. Yup. Starting this trip off with a lifer. [no photo of it, tho - it was to the right of this image. originally found by Jon Dunn.] [Refuge info: Estero Llano Grande State Park]


The @WBeditor quote of the day: “This doesn’t suck.” [fellow blogette Amy of Wildbird]


This bird, for example, does not suck. Ha or does it? Hehe hehe hehe he he. OK I obviously need a nap. [Common Pauraque - in the goatsucker family, for those who might not know]


Photo sucks, bird doesn’t. I said “Why don’t you flash your tail & show us your tips.” Sounded all wrong. [White-tipped Dove]


Amazing sunrise over Rt 100 & listening to Kevin Karlson talk about shorebird structure. Not a bad way to wake up. [6 hours of great shorebirding ensued]


I held a Caracara. It was awesome. [ for more info]


Nice ode! Carmine Skimmer at Frontera Audubon in Weslaco, TX. [thanks Bob Behrstock]


Succumbing to the cute: Common Yellowthroat at Laguna Atascosa today.


Crested Caracara [there was so much there - 100's of thousands of shorebirds and ducks, great landbirds and raptors. Amazing amazing refuge: Laguna Atascosa NWR for more info]


[Green Jays at the Laguna Atascosa NWR feeders]


Going through RGVBF photos – OK, I admit that we three could be related [fellow blogette Sharon of Birdchick on left, me on right]


The possibly related @WBeditor and @Birdchick. [Amy on left, Sharon on right]


The habitats in the Lower Rio Grande Valley are incredible!


RGVBF sunset. [don't want to leave!]

There was so much depth to this festival – a myriad of amazing field trips and leaders, events, booths, and lectures. On top of all this, guaranteed amazing birding. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, even though I’m a bit of a lone birder, and too twitchy for festivals! Go!! I can’t scream this loudly enough: GO!

Rio Grande Valley Birding fest info at:

4 Responses to “Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival roundup”

  1. LOVE IT! Really love the grass photo second from last.

  2. Great photos of your RGVBF experience. We work hard all year to make the festival a great one for all. Glad to hear you had a good time. I look forward to seeing your artwork from the fest. ~Kenny (Social Media Dude, RGVBF)

  3. The festival looks like great fun, though I fancy myself more the “just past novice and communing with a field guide” than “in the throng at a festival” type. Though we live in the same state as the RGV, we don’t get down to the RGV nearly often enough. I’ve visited Santa Ana NWR, but not the places you’ve pictured here, and, as always, it all looks fun.

    Perhaps for you the common yellowthroat was a matter of succumbing to the cute, but I’d say that the yellowthroat would have captioned the picture “don’t tread on me”.

  4. I’m so enjoying watching your pauraque drawing evolve. :)

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