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shore bird also shore·bird (shôrbûrd, shr-) n. Any of various birds, such as the sandpiper or plover, that frequent the shores of coastal or inland waters.


shore bird (shôrbûrd, shr-) n. an avian creature put on this planet to cause anguish and obsession.

Shorebirds lead certain susceptible people into chasms of study and observation that are difficult to emerge from intact and wholly sane. Certain susceptible people who hate mosquitoes vehemently and who should not be spending hours out in the sun.

Study of a Semipalmated Plover and a Least Sandpiper, pencil on paper, 14 x 11″
Shorebird week! I’m going to try to post a drawing a day…

3 Responses to “aug 24”

  1. Cathy, your so called “sketches” are so beautiful!

  2. I would go as far as saying that the Least rocks! Or perhaps it’s a Temminck’s Stint ;) Great name Temminck’s don’t you think?

  3. Beautiful sketches and your writing is supurb. You have captured them perfectly with your pencil.

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