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Archive: August 2009

running running running. Husonian Godwit, pencil on paper, 10 x 7.5″ this one is taking me a while; I think I might post it in stages, like I used to. I’d like to see one of these “finished.” this risks ruining it, of course, and do I really want to draw all of those spots?? [...]

Words like attenuated, decurved, and gonydeal angle are running through my mind and threatening to come out in casual conversation. Study of a Greater Yellowlegs, pencil on paper, full sheet about 14 x 11″

shore bird also shore·bird (shôrbûrd, shr-) n. Any of various birds, such as the sandpiper or plover, that frequent the shores of coastal or inland waters. or: shore bird (shôrbûrd, shr-) n. an avian creature put on this planet to cause anguish and obsession. Shorebirds lead certain susceptible people into chasms of study and observation [...]

6:30 am, Little Compton, RI. The birdsong starts before sunrise, but a gentle span before sunrise, as befits August: no spring/early summer mania at 4am. I, concrete-weary and tired of urban cacophonies, use the dawn chorus and the lightening sky as an alarm clock, and am up and abnormally awake. First birds heard: possible Cuckoo [...]