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  1. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great pictures! Love the top one, especially. You don’t usually see movement like that in bird photography.

  3. That first photo is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  4. After looking at these a lot, I’m really smitten by the 4th one in this series. How much are you charging for photographs these days? I’d like this for my collection.

  5. Really nice shots! Pick you up on twitter. I look forward to following your blog!

    Craig Glenn

  6. So lovely! Puts me in the mood for spring (that’s *finally* here).

  7. Adventures of a Non-Birder 1

    Sleek, medium-sized bird: head and upper neck a peacock blue, lower neck and upper body mottled colors like a starling, lower body and tail a kind of brassy color.

    Handsome creature!

  8. Jesse: where? photo? please re-describe in different words and I might get a picture in my head.

  9. Yeesh — I don’t know how much better I can do. :) This was on the pilings near the Point Street Bridge in Providence.

    “Sleek” is tough to define. I mean that at least to me it seemed streamlined, not puffy-chested or with big feathers sticking out of its head. Not very scientific, I know!

    By “medium-sized” I mean about the size of a blue jay, or maybe slightly bigger.

    What I’m trying to do with “head and upper neck” and “lower neck and upper body” and “lower body and tail” is say that it wasn’t perfectly striped or banded, but the colors seemed to be in three rough zones.

    By “peacock blue” I mean a deep, inky blue, almost an indigo.

    By “mottled colors like a starling” I mean a range of oily, iridescent colors that aren’t well-differentiated from each other.

    By “brassy color” I mean something similar to the color of polished brass.

    No worries if you can’t identify it — just wanted to share a nice-looking bird.

  10. Jesse, to me your description conjures up a picture resembling a grackle.

  11. Looks like it. Thanks! I know grackles are far, far from special, so this shows you how little I know. It’s interesting, though — I remembered grackles as being like this

    and not with zones of distinct color like this

    which is much closer to what I saw.

  12. Sexual dimorphism? Lighting? C’mon, Cath, weigh in on this one.

  13. (please blog about tribeca film festival & shoes!!!)

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