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This looks a bit like how I look after a solid week’s worth of this year’s art fairs, socializing out on the town, and gallery-hopping. All of it was entertaining. Not a lot of it was particularly memorable, and there was definitely the sense that galleries were playing it safe by offering more concrete, tangible works. There were few over-the-top installations and I noticed that photography and video also seemed scarce. Most media were outnumbered by drawings, and animal/bird/taxidermy-derivative work was everywhere, which makes me nervous. But everything makes me nervous so that’s OK.

3 Responses to “mar 9”

  1. Don’t be too nervous Catherine!!! You know how art trends come and go and fizzle fast. But you won’t. You got it goin’ on! A bright light in all that smschmaltzyness. I’m impressed you survived the NYC art fairs, not just one but three in a weekend???

  2. Sorry, I meant:
    A bright light upon all that schmaltzyness.

  3. Great pairing BTW!!

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