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  1. Mark: re: Monkey Dust video: thank you! Here is another – remember the days of this noise???

  2. can’t…..stop……..posting…..videos………

    this one courtesy of art critic Carol Diehl’s normally art-critic-based blog:

    the real question is: geodesic dome? at the end of the video. whaa? unlikely sci fi/animal behavior thread continues.

  3. A couple of things about that last vid.
    1. That young fox was in scent marking overdrive, both fore and aft. It is very likely that the funk coming off the trampoline was going to require major solvents after she was done. I find fox scent just a few steps down from skunk.
    2. It is very likely that this was a young female fox in heat responding to human sweat on the trampoline. Or maybe a male responding territorialy to human sweat.
    3. Young foxes are nuts anyway and fearless. Just two days ago while atlasing, we had one trot beside the car while we were driving, very non-chalant, like cars were no big deal. Foxes are always fun to watch.
    4. Sculpture: Inflatable? Toy? I was a child of the ’60s and actually knew people who lived in geodesic domes. The acoustics were insane.

  4. I was thinking the same thing – that is going to be one stinky trampoline.

  5. I don’t know how well this relates to foxes and primates, but I read for the first time today that the gonads of scallops, which are usually removed at sea, are wonderful and taste like lobster roe and caviar. I got all excited about trying them and writing about them somewhere, but then I burst out laughing. I can’t exactly use them in a story without some kind of euphemism or idiom:

    “at lunch with Vicomte R- they dined on braised fennel and leek with truffle oil; agneau blanc with paprika, thyme, and sel gris; a gratin of pink nard with cress and whitebait in the style of Prajakt Samant; and scallops with the gonads attached”

    Sounds a little anticlimactic, doesn’t it?

    I actually had a band called Stinky Trampoline in 1981, but we lost out to Noisome Springboard on Time-Traveling American Idol (the judges wanted something more Lovecraftian) and things kind of fell apart after that.

  6. a link to an article in the NY Times today (July 1) about comics:

  7. AN ABSOLUTELY TRUE HONEST TO THEE GODS STORY: I returned from Clark U, freshman year for Thanksgiving break to find that my mother HAD THROWN OUT MY ENTIRE COMIC COLLECTION. This included all the number #1 issues of things like Spiderman, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Daredevil and literally hundreds and hundreds of comics of the 50s and 60s. “You were at college…I didn’t think you would want them anymore and I needed the space.” No jury would convict me.

    Just interviewed Michael Bracewell, Brit novelist who has written a very unique history of ROXY MUSIC, basically concentrating on the art schools Brian Eno and Brain Ferry attended in the 60s and the profs who became thier mentors like Duchamp scholar and Pop artist RICHARD HAMILTON, MARK LANCASTER, RITA DONAGH et. “Virginia Plain” is essentially an ode to Lancaster’s trip to visit Warhol. Never knew Hamilton designed the Beatles “white album”.

  8. I didn’t know about Hamilton (no relation) and the White Album either. I did have a professor at RISD who is on the Sgt. Pepper’s Cover, though. With liner credits, even.

    I never did stop liking Roxy Music, even when I was listening to the hard stuff.

  9. Me too. I just had forgotten that Roxy Music (in the early Brian Eno phase) was an EARLY 70s band. This book took me by surprise. I was expecting a standard workman-like bio of a band I liked, instead it was this very intellectual, well researched (6 years) treatise on British art schools and artists in the 60s and thier connection with Mods, and later 70s music. It is Bracewell’s contention that Roxy Music was a work of Pop Art and he got that straight from Eno and Ferry. Bracewell is now working on a bio of Brit pop art icon PAULINE BOTY, who died far too early in the late 60s of cancer but left behind an amazing body of work. Until this current book, I confess I also knew little about Rita Donagh, who is still alive and making interesting work. Big retrospective of her work in Britain a few years back. I have a whole new appreciation of Roxy Music now and will never be able to listen to “Virginia Plain” the same again.

    Tomorrow: Gazzaniga!


  10. Forgot to ask: Who’s the RISD/Pepper prof?

  11. The stories of original comic art being destroyed just breaks my heart. I read some years ago about the accidently discovery and fortunate rescue of a massive pile of original Prince Valiant art that had been tossed to the curb.

    But then, I was just chastised for saving only one (1) painting from four semesters of painting classes.

    PS – Cathy, we missed you at the Museum of American Illustrators, it’s worth a visit.

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