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  1. This piece is very wrenching. I actually had a physical body response.

  2. Eeeek!!!!! A GLOVE !!!!!

    (I was there).

  3. This is Corn again…

  4. OK, there is at least ONE baboon species, but are the rest Rhesus Macaques? You folks would know.



  5. Rhesus, Pigtail, and Crab-eating Macaques. No baboons, thought this one is looking a mite baboonish.. Betty – which species was Corn?

  6. Rhesus (Macaca mulatta).

  7. Catherine:
    The one that narrates/sings alone for a bit is NOT a baboon? Which macaque, then?


  8. Yikes – I didn’t look at the video yet… thought you were talking about the research colony…

  9. Re: video: HILARIOUS.
    Betty you have to watch this.
    Betty has good stories about macaques getting out of their cages and terrorizing undergrads…

  10. The narrator/singer that appears a little later in the video looks very baboon to me: expert scientist opinions?

  11. I thought maybe a young Hamadryas?

  12. The band members are rhesus, except one somehow becomes a baboon – olive probably, or maybe yellow. Look at their muzzles and the placement of their nostrils (except when they have humanoid noses, of course) and their tails, which aren’t always visible though. Baboons have a tail that looks like an up-down inverted J with the bottom tip attached to the baboon’s body. Rhesus tails are medium length in the macaque world, and always remind me of a length of left-over material tacked on but not shaped or finished.

    When the guy first comes in and the scientist is demonstrating the puppet monkey, there is a stuffed Hamadryas near the guy, and a stuffed macaque that is either a crab-eating or a Japanese macaque near the scientist.

    My opinion.

    The antics of the band when they destroy everything are so typical, as is the monkey in the final torture chamber.

    (BTW, you guys are SICK!!!)

  13. Cool Vid!! Original, creative, Very Funny, I think it should definitely cause a stir in the POP cultural setting. I give it heavy odds on succeeding where others have failed. Love the commentary on the scientific front here on the blog. I think you guys should take this act on the road man!! Hilarious and intelligent, I give it 2 thumbs up!

  14. Re: “Where’s Your Head At” (the song in the video)

    Hah! This is the only place in the world where I could admit to being a huge Basement Jaxx fan (seeing them live in Toronto features largely in my
    not-quite-beating-out-Maya-Angelou-in-the-required-to-be-memorized-by-4th-graders-category poem, “Ninth century book curse: Heu! frustra factor confixit”) as part of a conversation about rhesus monkeys. Not one of their subtlest songs, but a good one.

    The other thing I’m reminded of is a great story on NPR where they were interviewing a guy who (of all things) was a writer for Hallmark. A feature on Asperger’s Syndrome, maybe? I can’t remember. The story of his self-awareness centered around a moment when his colleagues wanted to talk about a card they’d designed with a funny monkey on it, and he couldn’t stop himself from launching into a lecture on the differences between lemurs and monkeys (I don’t remember details, but I think the phrase “not strictly arboreal” was used).

    His great triumph of elan, of understanding that his will projected a determining force upon the universe, was realizing that he had a tremendous capacity for boring people.

    I understood.

  15. Lemurs (prosimians): All lemurs are from Madagascar, most are endangered (as is almost all endemic life on the island) and range in size from the huge (Indri) to the tiny (Mouse Lemur). Indeed: Not all lemurs are “strictly arboreal”, but most love da trees. Fave lemur name: the “Aye-Aye”, which has an absurdly elongated middle finger, so it looks like it is always flipping you off. There is even a mythical huge lemur known to cryptozoologists as the TRATRATRATRATA. Most of the original field work on lemurs was done by Alison Jolly, reviewed by my Primate Social Behaviour prof as “the hottest babe in primatology”. Now she is one of the oldest. She certainly had more oomph than weak-chinned Jane Goodall (who, if there is ever a movie made of her life, will be played by Gwenyth Paltrow no doubt). Lemurs are the bees knees, even if they have a habit of urinating on EVERYTHING they come in contact with. But then again, who doesn’t? Lemurs are only beat out in prosimian coolness by the wee Tarsier of SE Asia, which looks like if you crossed a very tiny Yoda with a very tiny monkey.

    Love the Basement Jaxx.

  16. Prosimians! That was the word. “Tratratratrata” is nice, too. Funny how the good words remain at times when almost nothing else does. Take the following exchange from a Philosophy lecture in 1995. (Ellipses represent lapsed memory, but all other quotations are exact.)


    ME: “…”

    MCCALL: “I take it you are a disciple of the great Jorge Luis Borges?”

    ME: “…”

  17. Crap, that looked a lot better as I was typing it.

  18. this is more fun than

    no, I can’t do it.

  19. Such a spectrum of disorders. Has anyone ever posited that geekiness is mild Asperger’s?

  20. A person I knew once went and searched for the Mokelembembe and wrote a hilarious book on it (Rory Nugent). He also wrote a great and quite insane book about looking for the Pink Headed Duck along the Brahmaputra.

    Just found a Deer Tick ensconced. Off to the docs!


  21. Awesome! I have Rory’s book on a shelf somewhere. It’s called DRUMS ALONG THE CONGO if I remember rightly. (See how good the memory is for things like titles, song lines ((another travel literature reference)), folk melodies, cloud nomenclature?)

    Librarian genes (or that radioactive prosimian bite) have also given me spine-memory: I’m pretty sure that DRUMS ALONG THE CONGO is elongated white letters against pale blue, though I could be wrong.

    Anyhow, I might venture to say that it’s a classic in the canon of enthymemic literature. Actually, given that there is no canon of enthymemic literature other than the one I’m conceiving of at the moment, yeah, consider it ventured.

    Thanks to Mark and Cathy and assorted Hamiltons and others for cheering me on kind of a shitty day.

  22. (home and full of Doxycycline: a mega dose. Yum!)

    JESSE: Excellent memory! Outstanding! That IS Rory’s book and if you haven’t read it, do so. Rory and I have some mutual friends and I interviewed him initially about the PINK HEADED DUCK then about The Congo. Rory is a wild character, one of a kind. He tried to convince me to go with him to the remote island of St. Helena to look for the giant Earwigs rumored to be found there. Later, he started to do reporting from the most human-caused dangerous spots on the globe, like the Sudan, hanging with Quadaffi and even the IRA. At that point, I wished him well, but haven’t read anything recently by him. He sent me these prints of the first photographs of Lhasa taken by an outsider. He came across the negatives in some market place somewhere. Ah, the people that drift in and out of your life!

    CATHERINE: Geekiness and Aspergers: See: NERDS: WHO THEY ARE AND WHY WE NEED MORE OF THEM by Dr. Anderegg.
    (interviewed). It’s his contention that, yes there may be SOME connection, but actually far too many people are trying to label nerds/geeks AS Asperger’s folk as a way of further maginalizing geeks. Like all the people that suggest Bill Gates has Aspergers.

    RE: LIBRARIAN GENES: Upcoming on my show is an interview with Scott Douglas, public librarian who has written a great “tell all” about the job titled QUIET PLEASE!



  23. My first job was as a librarian, BTW.

  24. Why am I not surprised? Not (da-dum) a “PUBLIC” Library????
    It was funny about the interview w/Scott Douglas. He is still a librarian at the Anaheim Public Libes. He was amazingly quiet from the get go, so much so I could barely hear him, and then I finally realized: I think he was talking from the Front Desk!
    If you were a Public librarian, did you do a STORY TIME?
    Details please!

    Hey! hey! we’re the hominids,

  25. I was a research librarian @ the RISD Library for a few years, and was a stacks and special collections supervisor. No librarian degree, though, so I wasn’t a librarian for reals (keep credit where credit is due).

    Details are very NSFW.

  26. NSFW librarianism! This is the best discussion board on the planet. Also means it’s time to say that I’ve indeed read Rory’s book and enjoyed it and to bring up pu-erh tea (which tastes like drinking old books) and Borges again (terrible to reread LABYRINTHS and find your fifteen-year-old self as entangled in Borges as any Borgesian somnabulist in a minotaur-maze) and dreams of underwater libraries with sunlit atria.

    But I can’t do it. Brain is dead. The only thing I’m fit to mention is that trying to guess which of the world’s various Mark Lynches Mark Lynch is has caused me to create a super-hero:

    Anyone can take up the mantle of Quaestor (impedimenta include a half-mask in midnight blue, a silver sweater-vest, the Antikythera Mechanism, and a banana daiquiri): armed with seven soul-stones containing the essences of failed search engines, he/she has the ability to transform the wielder into anyone with a Web presence who bears an identical name:

    “This is a job for sassy boomer Cathy Hamilton, author of BoomerGirl Diary!”

    “This is a job for Mark Lynch, accomplished photographer of semi-clothed men!”

    But you guys get to have all the fun. Trying to become Quaestor when you’re the only person with your name on the Web results in convulsions, catalepsy, death. Mask drops to the ground. Smell of burned zeroes.

  27. I think I really need to get a silver sweater-vest. Like right now. Banana daiquiri sounds like a yellow-brick road to a nasty hangover, tho. I’m gonna google you and see how many hits I get…

  28. Key for me is to search Catherine, not Cathy. Numero uno, baby! Except there is an imposter from the UK who, while definitely holding seniority, mucks up my first page a bit.

    Mark is saddled (addled) with a dizzying array of like-named, albeit inferior, minds out there. Further complicated by the fact that he not only knows something about everything but also has done a little of everything – reading his CV must be like pouring through a dissertation. Here is a link to his radio show:
    & blog/info:

    Def NOT the amateur photographer!!

  29. And, I misnamed this monkey earlier in the comments: this is Bud, not Corn. I had been looking at the photo and, while drawing, decided that the face was a different shape than Corn’s, and surely enough, went I went back to check the original reference, it was someone else. Bud, this is Bud. Undoubtedly named by a hippie post-doc.

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