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Scratchboard, just started, 5.25 x 6.” I grew up with monkeys, you know…

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  1. I’m glad to see you returning to scratchboard.
    Or maybe you never left it… ?

  2. I left it completely cause the quality declined in the scratchboard I was using – it was really terrible for a while. It’s still not perfect, but is a lot better than it was a few years back… we’ll see how it goes…

  3. Catherine, have you ever done mezzotint? I can imagine that with your capacity for tone and subtlety that you would do amazing things with it. The process is similar to scratchboard in terms of being a reductive technique.

  4. Sadly, I haven’t. I have always wanted to do printmaking processes – especially intaglio and mezzotint, but I also used to love monoprints. I can’t use any of the chemicals because of allergies – is it possible to do the plates and have someone print them for you? I suppose it must be…

  5. You can certainly make the plates and have someone else print them, and in NYC there’s no shortage of printers. It’s convenient to have someone else print for you, but nothing beats being able to print, view, and then tweak the plate accordingly in the proofing process.

    To stay away from chemicals, I would recommend Akua brand intaglio inks, they’re water soluable inks that behave closely to the way oil based ink does. They don’t have quite the richness of the oil based ink, but I found them quite effective for intaglio printing.

    I would also love to see you tackle drypoint. It seems like you would relish the soft, luscious lines that are inherent in that technique.

  6. Funny – I met Susan Rostow last summer when we were both teaching for Mass Art summer classes, and she told me about her Akua line.. I’d like to try them, but they are soy-based (albeit practically food grade), and I’m really allergic to soy. But sometimes I don’t react to things that should be problematic, so when I get brave I’ll try them. They look fantastic, and it’s so great when artists see the need or something that the industry misses.

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