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6 Responses to “apr 15”

  1. I deleted a post tonight because the jpeg was so poor, but I will put it back up once I get a better photo. It was bugging me to no end…

  2. You know, I SWEAR I saw a cat, a big cat…a big wild cat hanging awound this forest. Seriously. I turned awound, and wham! there it was…and now….it’s just…wanished…wery…wery spooky.
    Elmer Fudd, still hunting wabbits, but on the lookout for large enwaged tigers, panthwers, et

  3. Re: panthwers: the comment stasi say:
    9.8 9.9 9.7 10 10 10!!

  4. I look forward to seeing this body of work all together in the same room. Go get em’ tiger!

  5. Catherine:

    Was in Canton today, and said hello. Canton says: “whasssssup??” “whaaaasssshakin? ” or some such nonsense. Actually, Canton mumbles a lot. Could be dementia, could be Canton is just stoned. Who knows about these suburban woodlots? Maybe I mis-heard.

    Have you read THE LIFE OF THE SKIES yet? (Joanathan Rosen). Just finished it.interview next week.

    Mark L.

  6. I’m waiting patiently for the kitty to come back, though I surely wouldn’t want to see him coming out of the fog at me . . .

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